Clamshell grabs are used for normal free flowing bulk materials. Equipment Me has developed a range of grabs optimal designed for common bulk materials. For other materials with specific properties we have developed a number of special solutions.


Over the years Equipment Me developed a wide of range of clamshell grabs. In order to offer the most suitable grabs, we require information about the materials to be handled, the crane on which the grabs has to operate and your unloading situation.


The purpose of a grab is to handle large volumes of bulk material in a fast and efficient way. A good design in combination with the use of high-tensile wear resistant steel as well as an excellent bearing system, makes it possible to design and build very strong grabs with relative low dead weights and high productive capacities.


In order to improve the strength and extend the lifetime, the shells of all Equipment Me grabs are completely made of wear resistant steel with a hardness of 450HB.


Equipment Me has a long history in building grabs for underwater operations. Different grab models are available for different operations.



For underwater operations Equipment Me offers grabs for maintenance dredging (mainly silt and mud) and special grabs for digging operations (clay and hard ground layers). The grabs are available in two and four rope versions.



The inner side of the shells are smooth without any abrupt transitions. This minimizes resistance during digging into the bottom and also makes it easier to unload sticky materials, like clay and mud.



The grab’s lower lips can be delivered with contact lips without teeth. For hard layers and different to penetrate materials, we recommend lips with teeth. There are bottom lips with removable or exchangeable teeth and lips with permanent teeth (cut from the bottom lips). Permanent teeth (cut into the bottom lips) are very suitable for extreme hard layers.

Orange Peel Grab (OPG)

It is an excavator attachment used for loading and transporting metal, plastic and similar scrap piles. Polyp attachments are suitable hydraulic equipment for processing bulk materials: scrap, urban waste, industrial waste, machine shop refusals, rocks, paper, cardboard, plastic, wood and tires. The RP range is a compact version of the rollers partially housed inside the buckets to reduce height; Polyp Attachments have vertical outer cylinders fixed on a strong structure. Guards and guards prevent damage to pipes and cylinders.

This product is designed and manufactured to be rotatable as well. All models can be supplied with a rotating device. The geometry of the teeth is optimized to stimulate penetration and collect as much material as possible. It meets every need and provides high performance with all materials. While steel works and cylinders are made of high quality and durable materials, the parts exposed to wear are made of wear-resistant steel.

In order to increase the attachment mobility. Pins and bushings are manufactured using heat-treated special steel for hardening to ensure long life and poor lubrication even under harsh conditions. It is used for loading and transporting metal, plastic and similar scrap piles in excavators. To increase the mobility of the attachment, it is one of our attachments that can be designed and produced with rotators.


For difficult to handle materials, like iron scrap, stones and rocks, or pig iron Equipment Me orange peel grabs are the best solution. The specific shell model depends on the material which has to be handled.



Most orange peel grabs are used for handling iron scrap. But scrap comes in all kinds of forms and shapes. A grab suitable for shredded scrap will not automatically perform well in heavy melting scrap (HMS I-II). Therefore Equipment Me developed different types of grab models. Besides the number of shells, the shape of the shells and also the spaces between the shells can vary in order to optimize the grab for each specific application. In case of any doubt about the type of grab you need, please contact us. Equipment Me has the expertise to advise which grab to select.


Radiation detection system

The grabs can be equipped with a radiation detection system (Rad Comm). The system scans on a continuous basis, so the material is scanned on the surface before the grab even picks up the load. The remote console will alert the operator when radioactive material is detected. The controller is mounted inside the crane operator’s cab.



For handling materials like pig iron and stones extra heavy orange peel grabs are required. To ensure a good penetration and good filling, the grabs have high dead weight. The spaces between the shells are relative small to minimize the risk of material loss.



Sometimes orange peel grabs can also be used for other materials, like biomass or handling large lumps of materials. Also for under water operations orange peel grabs can be used.


Tree Removal/Trimming Attachments

First of all, with the works of our engineers’ design and workshop, we can manufacture and provide you with the type of attachment which is for any trees that you want to remove.

First, the trunk of the tree is fixed by the ring structure that opens and surrounds the trunk.

Then; the tree is vibrated away from the ground by reaching the surrounding area of the soil surrounding the root with the arms of the attachment.


For heavy and coarse materials, Equipment Me trimming grabs are the most efficient solution. Trimming grabs are in operation for handling coarse materials like stones, ferro-chrome, pig iron, DRI and HBI.



Trimming grabs are special grabs with a very wide opening and large footprint which is extremely efficient during cleaning-up operations. Because the shells have a “horizontal closing path” the bulk material is “scraped together”, instead of taking a bite out of the material. This makes it possible to ensure a good filling of the grab without having to penetrate the material. A special application for trimming grabs are dredging operations. The horizontal closing path makes it possible to work in layers and create an even surface.



Because of the extreme large opening of the shells, trimming grabs have a very large “footprint”, which also offers advantages during cleaning up operations. Trimming grabs are normally used for materials like pig iron (pyramid shaped), furnace slag, HBI, stones and ore lumps and other coarse materials (up to ±300 mm).

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