Orange Peel Grab (OPG)

Orange Peel Grab (OPG)

It is an excavator attachment used for loading and transporting metal, plastic and similar scrap piles. Polyp attachments are suitable hydraulic equipment for processing bulk materials: scrap, urban waste, industrial waste, machine shop refusals, rocks, paper, cardboard, plastic, wood and tires. The RP range is a compact version of the rollers partially housed inside the buckets to reduce height; Polyp Attachments have vertical outer cylinders fixed on a strong structure. Guards and guards prevent damage to pipes and cylinders.

This product is designed and manufactured to be rotatable as well. All models can be supplied with a rotating device. The geometry of the teeth is optimized to stimulate penetration and collect as much material as possible. It meets every need and provides high performance with all materials. While steel works and cylinders are made of high quality and durable materials, the parts exposed to wear are made of wear-resistant steel.

In order to increase the attachment mobility. Pins and bushings are manufactured using heat-treated special steel for hardening to ensure long life and poor lubrication even under harsh conditions. It is used for loading and transporting metal, plastic and similar scrap piles in excavators. To increase the mobility of the attachment, it is one of our attachments that can be designed and produced with rotators.

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