Scissor lift tables

Scissor lift tables

Equipment Me the most diverse, highest quality, and longest lasting scissor lift tables in the world providing the most stable, dependable, and versatile method of lifting heavy loads, industrial scissor lift tables are our most popular and efficient style of industrial lift. Because of their simplicity and few moving parts, maintenance-free bushings, and wide acceptance by customers, scissors lift tables provide many years of trouble free operation for relatively small capital investment.

Scissor lift mechanisms are manufactured in a vast array of configurations, are easily modified by narrowing, widening, combining or stacking, and can efficiently move loads of any size and capacity to heights of more than 10m. Completely pneumatic or mechanical scissors tables are also available.
Every lift table is designed and manufactured to meet the industry safety requirements set forth in ANSI MH29.1, and can be modified or customized to customer specifications.

All Equipment Me lifts are designed to exceed the requirements of ANSI MH29.1, Safety Requirements for industrial scissor lifts.


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