Stationary tail lifts

Stationary tail lifts

Tail lifts make it much easier to safely load and unload trucks and are synonymous with cost efficiency, flexibility and a high level of operating comfort for users. With more than 40 products, Equipment Me caters for weight classes between 500 kg and 4,000 kg. The service network with blanket coverage guarantees unrestricted and optimum service for each and every customer. The most important fields of application include: food and transport logistics, waste management, emergency services and local authorities as well as leasing and rental business.

A tail lift, also called a liftgate, is an appliance that is mostly installed on the back of a lorry or van. It greatly facilitates loading and unloading goods to and from the loading bay of your vehicle to the ground or to a loading dock. The use of a tail lift eliminates the need for a forklift or truck-mounted forklift to load and unload the truck. Tail lifts are available for many sizes of vehicles.

Every lift table is designed and manufactured to meet the industry safety requirements set forth in ANSI MH29.1, and can be modified or customized to customer specifications.

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