For difficult to handle materials, like iron scrap, stones and rocks, or pig iron Equipment Me orange peel grabs are the best solution. The specific shell model depends on the material which has to be handled.



Most orange peel grabs are used for handling iron scrap. But scrap comes in all kinds of forms and shapes. A grab suitable for shredded scrap will not automatically perform well in heavy melting scrap (HMS I-II). Therefore Equipment Me developed different types of grab models. Besides the number of shells, the shape of the shells and also the spaces between the shells can vary in order to optimize the grab for each specific application. In case of any doubt about the type of grab you need, please contact us. Equipment Me has the expertise to advise which grab to select.


Radiation detection system

The grabs can be equipped with a radiation detection system (Rad Comm). The system scans on a continuous basis, so the material is scanned on the surface before the grab even picks up the load. The remote console will alert the operator when radioactive material is detected. The controller is mounted inside the crane operator’s cab.



For handling materials like pig iron and stones extra heavy orange peel grabs are required. To ensure a good penetration and good filling, the grabs have high dead weight. The spaces between the shells are relative small to minimize the risk of material loss.



Sometimes orange peel grabs can also be used for other materials, like biomass or handling large lumps of materials. Also for under water operations orange peel grabs can be used.


Enhancing Material Handling Efficiency with Equipment Me Orange Peel Grabs

For industries dealing with challenging materials such as iron scrap, stones, rocks, or pig iron, Equipment Me orange peel grabs stand out as the ultimate solution. Tailored to the specific requirements of each material, these grabs ensure optimal performance and efficiency.


Streamlining Scrap Handling

Iron scrap poses unique handling challenges due to its varied forms and shapes. While some grabs excel in handling shredded scrap, they may not be suitable for heavy melting scrap (HMS I-II). Recognizing this diversity, Equipment Me has developed a range of grab models, each meticulously crafted to meet specific needs. From adjusting the number and shape of shells to optimizing spaces between them, every aspect is fine-tuned for maximum effectiveness. If uncertain about the appropriate grab for your operation, our experts at Equipment Me are just a call away, ready to provide personalized guidance.


Innovative Radiation Detection System

Equipment Me orange peel grabs can be equipped with a cutting-edge radiation detection system, known as Rad Comm. This system operates continuously, scanning materials for radiation even before they are lifted. Operators are promptly alerted through a remote console upon detecting any radioactive material. With the controller conveniently housed inside the crane operator’s cab, safety and efficiency are seamlessly integrated into operations.


Handling Pig Iron and Stones

Materials like pig iron and stones demand robust handling solutions. Equipment Me offers extra heavy orange peel grabs specifically designed for such tasks. Featuring high dead weight, these grabs ensure optimal penetration and filling capacity. Moreover, the minimal spaces between shells reduce the risk of material loss, enhancing overall efficiency and safety.


Versatility Beyond Expectations

Equipment Me orange peel grabs extend their utility beyond conventional materials. From biomass to large lumps of various materials, these grabs prove their versatility across diverse applications. Even underwater operations benefit from their reliable performance, making them indispensable tools across industries.

In conclusion, Equipment Me orange peel grabs redefine efficiency and reliability in material handling. With innovative features, tailored designs, and unwavering expertise, they empower industries to tackle even the most demanding tasks with confidence.


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