Orange Peel Grab (OPG)


Orange Peel Grab (OPG)

It is an excavator attachment used for loading and transporting metal, plastic and similar scrap piles. Polyp attachments are suitable hydraulic equipment for processing bulk materials: scrap, urban waste, industrial waste, machine shop refusals, rocks, paper, cardboard, plastic, wood and tires. The RP range is a compact version of the rollers partially housed inside the buckets to reduce height; Polyp Attachments have vertical outer cylinders fixed on a strong structure. Guards and guards prevent damage to pipes and cylinders.

This product is designed and manufactured to be rotatable as well. All models can be supplied with a rotating device. The geometry of the teeth is optimized to stimulate penetration and collect as much material as possible. It meets every need and provides high performance with all materials. While steel works and cylinders are made of high quality and durable materials, the parts exposed to wear are made of wear-resistant steel.

In order to increase the attachment mobility. Pins and bushings are manufactured using heat-treated special steel for hardening to ensure long life and poor lubrication even under harsh conditions. It is used for loading and transporting metal, plastic and similar scrap piles in excavators. To increase the mobility of the attachment, it is one of our attachments that can be designed and produced with rotators.

Revolutionizing Scrap Handling with Polyp Attachments

Polyp attachments, a revolutionary excavator accessory, have transformed the landscape of scrap handling. Designed for loading and transporting various materials such as metal, plastic, and similar piles of scrap, these attachments offer unparalleled efficiency and versatility.

Enhanced Scrap Processing Capabilities

Polyp attachments serve as hydraulic equipment tailored for processing bulk materials. Whether it’s scrap, urban waste, industrial refuse, or even rocks and wood, these attachments excel in their ability to handle diverse materials. The RP range, characterized by its compact design, ensures efficient loading without compromising on performance. With vertical outer cylinders and a robust structure, these attachments guarantee durability and reliability in the most demanding environments.

Rotational Flexibility for Maximum Efficiency

One standout feature of Polyp attachments is their rotatable design. This innovative feature enhances maneuverability and allows for seamless operation in various orientations. Whether it’s loading, transporting, or sorting materials, the rotatable nature of these attachments ensures optimal performance in every task.

Optimized Tooth Geometry for Superior Penetration

The geometry of the teeth plays a crucial role in the efficiency of Polyp attachments. By optimizing tooth design, these attachments stimulate penetration and maximize material collection. This ensures that every operation is conducted with precision and effectiveness, resulting in enhanced productivity and reduced operational costs.

Durable Construction for Longevity

Built to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty use, Polyp attachments boast a construction that prioritizes durability. High-quality materials such as wear-resistant steel are utilized for parts exposed to wear, ensuring longevity and minimal maintenance requirements. Additionally, steel works and cylinders are crafted from premium materials, further enhancing the overall durability and performance of these attachments.

Unmatched Mobility and Versatility

Polyp attachments are renowned for their exceptional mobility and versatility. Pins and bushings, manufactured using heat-treated special steel, guarantee long life and reliable operation even in harsh conditions. Whether it’s loading metal, plastic, or similar scrap piles, these attachments offer unmatched flexibility and efficiency, making them indispensable tools for any scrap handling operation.



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