Scissor lift tables


Scissor lift tables

Equipment Me the most diverse, highest quality, and longest lasting scissor lift tables in the world providing the most stable, dependable, and versatile method of lifting heavy loads, industrial scissor lift tables are our most popular and efficient style of industrial lift. Because of their simplicity and few moving parts, maintenance-free bushings, and wide acceptance by customers, scissors lift tables provide many years of trouble free operation for relatively small capital investment.

Scissor lift mechanisms are manufactured in a vast array of configurations, are easily modified by narrowing, widening, combining or stacking, and can efficiently move loads of any size and capacity to heights of more than 10m. Completely pneumatic or mechanical scissors tables are also available.
Every lift table is designed and manufactured to meet the industry safety requirements set forth in ANSI MH29.1, and can be modified or customized to customer specifications.

All Equipment Me lifts are designed to exceed the requirements of ANSI MH29.1, Safety Requirements for industrial scissor lifts.


Industrial operations thrive on efficiency and reliability. In this pursuit, Equipment Me offers the epitome of industrial prowess with its scissor lift tables. Crafted to perfection, these tables stand as a testament to quality, durability, and versatility, making them indispensable assets in various industrial settings.

Unmatched Diversity and Quality

Equipment Me prides itself on delivering scissor lift tables that transcend expectations. With unparalleled diversity in design and the highest quality materials, these tables assure optimal performance in lifting heavy loads. Each unit is meticulously engineered to ensure stability, dependability, and longevity, setting a new standard in industrial lifting solutions.

Stability and Dependability

The hallmark of Equipment Me scissor lift tables lies in their stability and dependability. Equipped with maintenance-free bushings and boasting a simplistic design with minimal moving parts, these tables offer years of trouble-free operation. Industrial workflows can rely on the consistent performance of Equipment Me scissor lift tables, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Versatility in Action

Flexibility is paramount in industrial environments, and Equipment Me scissor lift tables excel in this aspect. With a myriad of configurations available, these tables can be easily modified to suit specific requirements. Whether it’s narrowing, widening, combining, or stacking, Equipment Me ensures that each scissor lift table is tailored to meet the unique demands of its users. From small-scale operations to large-scale endeavors, these tables efficiently move loads of any size and capacity, empowering industrial facilities to reach new heights of productivity.

Heightened Performance

When it comes to lifting heavy loads to considerable heights, Equipment Me scissor lift tables deliver unmatched performance. Capable of reaching heights exceeding 10 meters, these tables redefine vertical transportation in industrial settings. Whether opting for completely pneumatic or mechanical configurations, users can trust Equipment Me to provide solutions that elevate their operations to new levels of efficiency and safety.

Safety First

In the industrial landscape, safety is paramount. Equipment Me ensures that every scissor lift table complies with industry safety standards set forth in ANSI MH29.1. Rigorous adherence to safety protocols underscores Equipment Me commitment to protecting both equipment and personnel. Additionally, each lift table can be further modified or customized to align with specific safety requirements, providing users with peace of mind amidst demanding operational environments.


In conclusion, Equipment Me scissor lift tables represent the pinnacle of industrial lifting solutions. With unrivaled diversity, quality craftsmanship, and a steadfast commitment to safety, these tables stand as indispensable assets in modern industrial operations. Elevate your efficiency, reliability, and productivity with Equipment Me scissor lift tables – the epitome of industrial excellence.


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