Spider 15.75


Spider 15.75

Working height: 15.00 m
Side outreach: 7.40 m

Perfect for building façade maintenance

  • Available with KUBOTA liquid-cooled diesel engine
  • Available in HYBRID version with lithium-ion batteries
  • Simplified maintenance, with easy access to every component
  • Easy to use, with precise and proportional controls
  • Jib provides versatile use and no restrictions at full load
  • Standard air/water and 230Vac power outlets in the basket
  • Metal covers for total protection of exposed components
  • Extra attention paid to stabilizer protection
  • Basket attachment system designed to avoid obstructing space underneath the basket

The Equipment Me Spider 15.75 is a tracked aerial equipment Me designed to deliver total stability thanks to its extendible crawler track undercarriage and its ultra-compact “narrow undercarriage” (780 mm) capability. The extendible crawler track undercarriage also offers the added advantage of increased clearance between the chassis and ground in the wider condition, allowing it to operate easily on unpaved surfaces and climb inclines greater than 15%.

It is very user-friendly, with simple and intuitive on-board fittings that make it an excellent piece of equipment for the hire market. These characteristics, plus the fact that it is easy to transport and has a compact size that allows its use in confined spaces, make it an excellent choice for those involved in jobs like tree trimming and pruning, maintenance work, painting and any other work at a height that is hard to reach with a normal equipment Me.


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