StairAccess Tower – 4 m Platform Height


StairAccess Tower – 4 m Platform Height

Equipment Me StairACCESS scaffold tower has been specifically designed to provide a secure and stable platform for working at height on a staircase.


Introducing the StairACCESS Tower

The StairACCESS scaffold tower, standing tall at a platform height of 4 meters, is a testament to innovation and functionality. Crafted meticulously, it caters to the unique challenges of working at heights, especially on staircases.


A Secure Haven for Elevated Tasks

Ensuring safety without compromising efficiency is the hallmark of the StairACCESS tower. With its robust design and sturdy construction, it provides a secure and stable platform for workers to execute tasks with confidence and precision.

Manufacturer                                             Equipment Me
Ladder Material                                         Aluminium
Product                                                        Stair Access Towers
Model No                                                     SA04S
Platform Size                                             0.75 X 1.80 m
Standard                                                     EN1004
Approx. Working Height (metres)         6.00 m
Approx. Overall Height (metres)            5.00 m
Approx. Platform Height (metres)         4.00 m
Tower Weight                                              105 Kgs
Supplied                                                       Flat Pack

Equipment Me Stairs Access Towers

  • Walk Through Entry Frame
  • Compact and easy to set up on stairs. Work safely in a stairwell
  • Scaffolding width: 0.75 m; scaffolding length: 1.80 m
  • Working heights can be extended from 4 m to a maximum of 8m with standard Parts
  • Can easily be extended to the desired height with extension packs.
  • Can be assembled and disassembled by one to two person
  • Available as a standalone product or as an extension kit for an existing Single Width Towers, StairAccess
  • TOWERS are specifically designed to provide a stable platform for working over stairs.
  • All round, welded anti-slip rungs and permanently integrated safety pins also make the frame very robust and 100% reliable
  • 200 kg/m² loading capacity, i.e. depending on platform length, from 486 kg to max. 810 kg


Technical Features

  • Platform Size – 0.75 x 1.80 m
  • Frame – Regular Tower Frames With Additional Parts
  • Capacity – 200kg / sq m
  • Platform – Antiskid Birchwood with Aluminium Frame
  • Frame Connection – Has locking pin for accidental removal of frame
  • Foot Plates: Foot Plates For Use on Stairwells



You can easily extend your scaffolding by adding extension packs if you decide that you want to build higher in the future. Just remember to also buy bigger stabilizers and chassis beam module if you are going to work at above 10 meters outdoors and 14 m indoors


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