The Equipment Me Standard Diesel Series of generators are designed for tough commercial applications that do not require a housed product. They offer exceptional value with features to match, including smooth operation, increased cooling efficiency, and low harmonic distortion. All standard diesel generators operate at low speed for long life, and can be used in both open and compartment-type applications.

Unparalleled Performance

Equipment Me Standard Diesel Generators are meticulously crafted to deliver unwavering performance in the face of rigorous challenges. With a focus on durability and efficiency, these generators epitomize reliability, ensuring seamless operation even in the most demanding environments.

Engineered for Excellence

Designed with precision engineering, Equipment Me Standard Diesel Generators boast features that elevate them above the competition. Their smooth operation, coupled with enhanced cooling efficiency, guarantees optimal performance while mitigating the risk of overheating—a crucial consideration in high-stress applications.

Low Harmonic Distortion

One of the defining characteristics of Equipment Me Standard Diesel Generators is their low harmonic distortion. This feature is instrumental in ensuring the stable and uninterrupted operation of sensitive equipment, safeguarding against potential damage and downtime.

Longevity Guaranteed

Built to withstand the test of time, Equipment Me Standard Diesel Generators operate at low speeds, extending their lifespan significantly. This commitment to longevity not only enhances the value proposition but also minimizes maintenance requirements, offering peace of mind to operators.

Versatile Deployment

Whether it’s an open setting or a compartment-type application, Equipment Me Standard Diesel Generators excel in versatility. Their adaptability allows them to seamlessly integrate into various environments, providing reliable power solutions across a spectrum of industries.


In essence, Equipment Me Standard Diesel Generators represent the epitome of reliability and performance in the realm of commercial power solutions. Engineered with precision, built for longevity, and unmatched in versatility, these generators are the cornerstone of industrial operations worldwide. Embrace the power of Equipment Me Standard Diesel Generators and unlock a world of possibilities for your business.


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