Star 6 Picking

Star 6 Picking

The Star 6 PICKING system offers unmatched efficiency and safety in warehouse operations. With innovative features like double “lambo” doors and high-precision driving, it ensures seamless navigation and optimal performance. Plus, its smart transportability and Equipment Me Active Energy Management make it a valuable investment for businesses seeking to enhance productivity and safety.

Intuitive Control for Seamless Operation
The intuitive upper control box, complete with a battery level indicator, provides operators with easy access to essential controls for efficient workflow management.

Smart Transportability and Lifting Solutions
Experience smart transportability and lifting solutions with the Star 6 PICKING, ensuring hassle-free movement and positioning of goods within the warehouse.

Value Beyond Measure: Equipment Me Active Energy Management
With Equipment Me Active Energy Management, your batteries are in good hands, providing the best value for money by optimizing energy usage and prolonging battery life.

Innovative Mast Design for Enhanced Reliability
Featuring a 3-stage-cylinder mast with no chain and no cable, the Star 6 PICKING system ensures reliable performance and minimal maintenance requirements.



Working height 5.8 m
Platform height 3.8 m
Lift capacity – inside 210 kg (1 pers.)
Platform size 0.76 x 0.92 m
Length 1.65 m
Width 0.79 m
Height – stowed 1.75 m
Wheelbase 1.07 m
Ground clearance 6 cm
Drive speed proportional 0.8 – 4.5 km/h
Turning radius – outside 1.7 m
Tilt alarm 1.5 ° / 3 °
Gradeability 25 %
Max drivable platform height 3.8 m
Tires – non marking 318 x 108 mm
Power source 4x6V – 180 Ah (C5)
Weight 890 kg
Picking tray size 0.74 x 0.50 m
Picking tray lift capacity 80 kg
Hydraulic system capacity 8 l


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