Xtreme Aluminum Articulated Extendable Ladder with Trestle Brackets, RATCHET Levelers and SAFETY RAILS


Xtreme Aluminum Articulated Extendable Ladder with Trestle Brackets, RATCHET Levelers and SAFETY RAILS

Are you in need of a ladder that effortlessly combines versatility and reliability? Look no further than the Little Giant® Xtreme™ ladder. With over four decades of engineering prowess behind it, this ladder stands as a testament to innovation and functionality, designed to assist you in conquering every project, whether it’s at home or on the job site.


Unmatched Versatility

The Xtreme™ ladder boasts unparalleled versatility, making it a must-have tool for any DIY enthusiast or professional contractor. Available in 17’, 22’, and 26’ models, it adapts to various heights and project requirements with ease.


Robust Construction
Crafted with durability in mind, the Xtreme™ ladder is engineered to withstand rigorous use. Constructed from high-quality aluminum, it offers exceptional strength while remaining lightweight and portable. Whether you’re tackling indoor repairs or outdoor renovations, this ladder is built to last.


If you are looking for a ladder that exudes versatility, the Little Giant® Xtreme™ is the ladder you need. Over 40 years of engineering helped us create this signature ladder to help you successfully complete every project, both in the house and on the job. The Xtreme is available in 17’, 22’ and 26’ models. This Type IA ladder is rated to hold 300 lbs., and when placed in A-frame, is rated to hold 300 lbs. on both sides. The Xtreme meets or exceeds all OSHA and ANSI standards.


Multi-Position Ladder
If you need to reach a high place, get close to your task or work on a staircase, the Xtreme can help you get there. This articulating, multi-position ladder converts to A-frame, extension, trestle-and-plank*, 90-degree and staircase with the press of a button. You are going to love how seamless it is to transition from project to project with the Xtreme.


Ratchet™ Levelers
You may have seen the Ratchet™ leg levelers before, but nothing beats experiencing them firsthand. Working outside comes with its challenges, with uneven surfaces being the foremost concern. The Ratchet leg levelers allow you to adjust the ladder’s legs independently to securely reach uneven ground, quickly stabilizing your ladder.

It is important that your ladder is compatible with ladder accessories. Whether you are using the AirDeck™, Work Platform or Safety Rails, the Xtreme can handle it.

When used with the Safety Rails, you can convert your ladder’s extension orientation to an even safer, sturdier workspace. The Safety Rails can be placed horizontally or vertically on the Xtreme ladder. When placed horizontally, it spans windows. In its vertical orientation, it creates a safe walkthrough for you to move from ladder to rooftop. Make your ladder more comfortable and convenient with these unique accessories.

Wherever the job may take you, the Xtreme is going to be the ladder that you will want to take with you.


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